How To Design Successful Corrective Exercise Programs

How To Design Successful Corrective Exercise Programs – Podcast with Justin Price*

Corrective exercise is an absolute necessity for those whose workouts are hampered by muscle and joint pain, so knowing how to integrate it into client programs is a must-have skill for fitness professionals. The keys to creating and implementing successful corrective exercise strategies are provided in this enlightening podcast from Justin Price, creator of The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist certification.

Listen in to find out How to Design Successful Corrective Exercise Programs so you can help clients with pain and injuries get back to their workouts without restrictions.

Length: 30 Mins

What You Will Learn:

  1. Why it is important for fitness professionals to know how to design corrective exercise programs
  2. What you should do first if you encounter a client that has pain or movement issues that you think could benefit from corrective exercise
  3. What you should do with a client’s assessment results once you have identified their imbalances
  4. How to provide clients with long-term success so that they can get back to the activities they have been missing out on due to their pain and/or limitations
  5. How the incorporation of corrective exercise services into your business can help you attract more clients, increase referrals and boost revenue.

Listen to the podcast here.

*Podcast is presented by Justin Price in partnership with FitPro UK.