Choosing a Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification CourseThe simplest way to investigate which Corrective Exercise Specialist certification course is the best for you is to do a search online for Corrective Exercise Specialist reviews. This will make you aware of the different programs available. However, when reading reviews, blogs, posts and write-ups that discuss the pros and cons of the various corrective exercise specialty certifications available always evaluate the source of the review.

Evaluating Course Reviews

Many CES course reviews online that promote one program over another are posted by people that may not have actually gone through the course material they are appraising. Therefore, when evaluating CES course reviews you must consider the author’s primary motivation for posting their review. Have they actually completed the courses they are comparing to give an honest assessment, or do they receive affiliate royalties or commissions for the advocated course? When navigating this important decision about which corrective exercise specialist certification is best for YOU remember to evaluate the source of the reviews available online, and look for evaluations from independent parties.

Please Note: The website and their Youtube channel provide a review of The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification course. However, we have no records of anyone from this company having completed our CES course. Also, much of the information they provide about our course is not accurate. In fact, it states on the disclaimer page of their website that “they do not warrant that the information on their website is complete, true, accurate or non-misleading”. Therefore, if you have any questions about the information provided in their review (or on their site), please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification: Genuine Reviews

A recommended source for genuine reviews of The BioMechanics Method CES course is IDEA FitnessConnect. FitnessConnect is the world’s largest fitness professional directory verified by the top 100 fitness certification/training bodies. Course reviews on this site are posted by confirmed fitness professionals. In fact, you will see that the dates that the reviews were posted about our CES course span over several years and are not all dated around the same time (which is typical of sites that post fake reviews). Also, on FitnessConnect you can click on the reviewer’s name to see that they have completed our course and do indeed exist!

Here is a sample from two recent FitnessConnect reviews posted by professionals who have completed The BioMechanics Method CES course:

The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist CertificationThe TBMM-CES course is one of the best courses I have ever taken…period. Everything about this course was first rate. –  Joy F.

 “I personally recommend this course, because it covers all the basics from toe to head. In my opinion courses like this one should be in every personal training certification” – Jerame M.

However, rather than simply read small snippets from these recent posts, I encourage you to check out all of The BioMechanics Method CES course reviews for yourself here (Note: Once you have clicked on the link scroll down to access all of the reviews).

I realize that deciding which Corrective Exercise Specialist certification is best for you can be tough. If we can be of any help as you navigate this process please get in touch. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have to determine if The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist certification course is the right fit for you.


Justin Price – Creator of The BioMechanics Method