How I Discovered Tennis Ball Massage 

I first discovered tennis ball massage techniques could be used for pain relief when I was a professional tennis player on the international circuit. After spending grueling hours on the court or sitting in a cramped seat on a long overseas flight, my muscles would often feel tight. Whenever my body felt achy, I would reach into my bag and grab a tennis ball to help relax and massage my muscles. At the time, all I knew was that using the balls worked. I felt better almost instantly. But it wasn’t until later, after I had spent years studying the human body, that I came to understand why they worked so well.

The BioMechanics Method

Now, as a biomechanics specialist and expert in corrective exercise techniques, I have spent more than 25 years helping people overcome chronic aches and pains. Through the years, I have developed some remarkably simple strategies that are fast, easy, and effective. And the best thing about many of them is that they involve an extremely simple tool—a tennis ball—that costs less than $1.

I teach these techniques to health and fitness professionals around the world through an educational program called The BioMechanics Method. As a result, these techniques, and others unique to The BioMechanics Method corrective exercise specialist certification, are used by millions of people in more than 70 countries.

How a Tennis Ball Eases Muscle and Joint Pain

One of the main reasons why tennis ball massage has become so popular at alleviating aches and pains is simple: it works. Here are just a few of the many documented ways massage eases pain:

  • Increases circulation—enables oxygen and other nutrients to reach vital muscles, tissues, and organs
  • Increases joint flexibility—prepares the joints for the greater range of movement and increased load that accompany more dynamic activities, such as exercising or playing sports
  • Reduces scar tissue and adhesions—improves the elasticity of muscles and other soft tissues
  • Eliminates stored tension in muscles—allows muscles to relax
  • Releases endorphins—floods the body with these neurotransmitters that act as natural painkillers
  • Reduces inflammation—decreases production of compounds called cytokines, which play a role in decreasing inflammation
  • Stimulates muscle repair—increases activity in mitochondria, the powerhouses in cells that are involved in cell repair.

Why Use a Tennis Ball?

If massage is so effective then, why not simply get a massage every day? There are many reasons.  Mainly, it’s expensive, time-consuming, some massage therapists aren’t well-trained and a few people just don’t like others touching them. Fortunately, there’s another solution. Using a tennis ball for self-massage allows you to get all the amazing benefits of massage without any of the drawbacks. Here’s why:

  • Tennis ball massage techniques don’t require any fancy equipment (i.e., a tennis ball cost less than a dollar)
  • You can use tennis ball to massage techniques to help relieve pain anywhere, at any time, and with very little space
  • You control the pressure of the massage and can get results immediately. You also experience long-term benefits because you have an easy-to-use strategy you can do on a regular basis
  • By using a tennis ball to massage tight and restricted tissues you are addressing the underlying causes of your musculoskeletal pain
  • You will enjoy better moods because you are releasing stress, muscle tension and improving your posture
  • You will experience improved health as you release toxins from your body
  • You will recover more quickly from exercise
  • Most importantly, tennis ball massage techniques are easy to master and put you in total control of your own pain relief.

The Amazing Tennis Ball Back Pain Cure

Do you need help knowing how to use a tennis ball for self-massage and which techniques are right for your condition? Here’s an inexpensive and extremely informative book written by me – Justin Price (creator of The BioMechanics Method). It’s called The Amazing Tennis Ball Back Pain Cure and the techniques are simple, effective and will work wonders in alleviating your muscle and joint pain.

I wish you all the success in the world!

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