As a successful corrective exercise specialist you will soon find that your time and services are in high demand. From a business perspective this is both rewarding and very exciting. However, to ensure you maintain longevity in your career, continue enjoying assisting those in need and always have energy to provide the best services possible, here are some proven strategies to help you not only survive, but thrive as your business continues to grow.happy-corrective-exercise-client-with-exercise-ball-and-trainer

  1. Set a specific work schedule by defining opening and closing times and stick to them. Do not make yourself available at any hour.
  2. Schedule in some “me time” throughout the day by blocking out at least one hour per day in your calendar for you. Work out, go for a walk, have a leisurely lunch, read a book or do whatever fuels you.
  3. Make networking a fun experience by getting out of the office/gym and visiting potential referral sources. The change of scene will help you feel revitalized when you return.
  4. Set specific time goals for achieving tasks and don’t try to accomplish everything by tomorrow. Plan your ideas and stick to your plan so that you don’t become overwhelmed.