Corrective Exercise Education


The TBMM-CES course has provided me with extensive knowledge that allows me to better assist my clients in functional movement AND athletic performance enhancement. As an Olympic Weightlifter, it has helped me tighten up my positions for both the Snatch and C&J, adding 6kg to each! My runners run more efficiently, my basketball players jump higher, and my senior clients aren’t complaining of “aches and pains” anymore! This is knowledge that EVERY trainer should have. Thanks a lot TBMM!

Sean CristeaTBMM-CES

The Biomechanics Method is hands down the best certification course I’ve ever taken. Justin does a masterful job of teaching the 12 most common deviations in the body, how to link them back to the cause,and ultimately how to relieve pain thru myofascial release, stretching, and strengthening protocols. This course in a must have for Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Coaches, Doctors, Health Care Professionals, and Group Fitness instructors. Invest in your future and take this course. You’ll be very happy you did!

Mark Davenport

With 15 years in the business, countless certifications and a degree in Exercise Science, I can honestly say that I have never wanted to re-invent how I do my business as much as I do now. Justin has a simple but very complete method of teaching The Biomechanics Method. Unlike many certifications, no time is wasted. He gets to the point and makes education very practical. Level One gave me new perspective and confidence. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow in the fitness industry.

Jeremy McCann

I completed The BioMechanics Method course and I highly recommend it to any personal trainer, massage therapist, physical therapist, etc! It’s a fabulous in-depth course that teaches you how to assess and realign the body to help prevent and/or eliminate chronic pain.

Danielle LucasSan Francisco, CA

I´ve completed The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise course and I must say it is one of the best courses I´ve taken. As an Osteopath I can highly recommend it for every kind of professional trainer or therapist.

Detlef PohlmannGermany

Taking The BioMechanics Method course has been the best thing that I have done in years both for myself and my clients. It’s incredible to be able to alleviate many common pains and help people to move better so that they can do the things they enjoy. In the short time that I’ve been “experimenting” with my new knowledge I’ve been amazed at the responses I’m getting. People tell me, ‘You are more knowledgeable and have been more helpful than both my physician or chiropractor.’ Others have told me they’ve tried everything from physical therapist, acupuncture and corrective shoes, but for the first time, with The BioMechanics Method exercises, they are finally getting relief from their pain. How wonderful is that!!

Kathy RobinsonNew Orleans, LA

TBMM is an excellent course, which has has helped me, my family & clients live pain free! TBMM will teach you how to assess all major structures of the body, learn how the body moves & to design & apply safe effective corrective exercise programmes. I especially liked how the course was laid out in a easy to follow & understand format. I would totally recommend TBMM to anyone wishing to start out or expand their knowledge in the field of corrective exercise.

Toby BishopValenciana, Spain

TBMM was the most amzing course that I have ever taken. The course material was so well written and easy to comprehend. It covered so much information but was broken down into easy sections. I worked at my own pace but honestly I couldn’t wait to start the next section. I still can’t believe how I look at my clients in a different way. I love to get new clients that have muscle imbalances I can work on!

Karen DeblerBee FitnessAlberta, Canada

The BioMechanics Method course is a great resource for any health professional that deals with human movement. In a very simple format, you’ll learn about the most common structural deviations, how to assess clients, and how to assist them in correcting and removing these limitations to become pain-free. Since completing the course and speaking with clients about my studies, I’m amazed by how many people can truly benefit from a basic corrective exercise program. I am looking forward to putting the information into practice, and am excited about the value it will add to my services.

Justin Isaacs

TBMM is truly the best course I’ve ever taken. It has changed the way I train my clients and so much more. I’ve already helped a few of my clients get rid of their chronic pain. One of my favorite parts about the course is that it gave me so many tools to expand my business as a CES. If you are looking to really do something exciting in the fitness industry, if you are looking to create change in your life, if you enjoy learning about the human body and if you care about people, then this course is for you.

Darwin Jose