Corrective Exercise Education

Professional Quotes

“For many trainers, the finer nuances of functionality are confusing. The BioMechanics Method takes the complex workings of the body and simplifies for all levels of knowledge.”  Nicki Anderson – 2008 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year

“The BioMechanics Method is the most efficient way to help people of any fitness level enjoy more comfortable movement, confident exercise, and ownership of their bodies.  It is the only source for a winning combination of functional anatomy, corrective exercise, and coaching strategies to ensure success and progress whatever the starting point.” Jonathan Ross – 3-time winner Personal Trainer of the Year, fitness expert for Discovery Fit & Health channel, and author of Abs Revealed

“The techniques and protocols for identifying the causes of musculoskeletal pain are simple, logical and easy-to-follow, and will undoubtedly prove invaluable to expanding the fitness professional’s toolbox.”  Fabio Comana, MS – former Exercise Physiologist for the American Council on Exercise

“The BioMechanics Method is invaluable for anyone wanting to help people reduce their pain and improve their function.” Douglas Stewart – PhD in Biomechanics and former Director of Research for Reebok

“As a Pilates professional, I thought I was practicing the safest exercise regimen available. But after years of daily exercises I started experiencing serious pain in my foot, SI joint and neck. With the help of The BioMechanics Method I am successfully overcoming my pain. I find that a personalized Pilates program built on proper body mechanics is the safest and most effective way of body conditioning.” Eva Wennes – Certified Pilates Instructor

“The BioMechanics Method explains the complex topics of assessments, functional anatomy and corrective exercise in a straight-forward, jargon free manner.  I recommend this program to anyone wanting to help their patients, clients, or athletes overcome muscle pain and movement dysfunction.” Bill Sonnemaker, MS – Master Trainer for IDEA, ViPR, Trigger Point, Redcord, PTA Global, NASM, ACE, NSCA, ACSM, and CanFitPro

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