Corrective Exercise Education

What CLIENTS have to say…

“The program I went through with The BioMechanics Method changed my life. There’s no other way to explain the impact this process had on my life physically, personally and professionally.”  Xeni J. – Beverly Hills

“The BioMechanics Method helped me overcome the tendonitis in my shoulder. Their work helped me get back on the tennis court and start playing competitively again”. – Shawn H.

“I searched many years to find a natural remedy for my degenerative arthritis and back pain. I was headed for the operating table when I found a Specialist in The BioMechanics Method. Within my first few sessions, my back pain was totally under control and I was functioning normally again.”  Sally – San Diego

“A severe lower back injury totally laid me up last year. The BioMechanics Method program started me with stretches then slowly added in exercises to strengthen my back. I am now stronger and my back is in much better shape than even before the injury.”  Vicki – Arizona

“I had tried medications, chiropractors, various doctors including an orthopedic surgeon to no avail.  Since working with The BioMechanics Method through stretches, strengthening exercises and relearning how to correctly move my body I am now pain free and have even begun new interests such as boxing.” – Desiree B.

“Approaching almost seventy years of age I had back, elbow and shoulder pain. The BioMechanics Method helped alleviate these pains and enabled me to move like I did thirty years ago.” Fritz – San Diego

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