Corrective Exercise Education


I want to start off by saying this course…is absolutely amazing! I’ve gone thru all 5 modules & this has helped me greatly. My confidence has grown tremendously in assessing clients & also helped me piece together a lot of the unanswered questions I had with my ACE PT course as well…My focus will be all about integrating corrective fitness into workout programs I administer. Thank you (& Justin) again for creating a understandable program from a field of misconceptions.

John Svizzero

Thank you for a very professional, scientific and methodologically founded The Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist Course. Studying the material and implementing the content in my practice made such a significant impact on my clients and practice. Its purposeful application made this course so inspirational and the feedback from clients regarding relief of specific painful areas, made this educational journey even more valuable. I will highly recommend this course to all health and fitness professionals.

Chris van LoggerenbergFITCO

I’ve just completed The Biomechanics Method and this is by far the best course I have completed in my career in fitness. The materials were presented very well, it was easy to use and makes learning very enjoyable. I used some of the techniques with my clients whilst completing module 1 and now after completing the course, I feel even much more confident in my skills and ability to help my clients. EVERY Personal Trainer should complete this course – every client we see will have some form of imbalances and this course gave me the expertise to help others with much more value. Thanks TBMM!

Sylvia LokolloCESMelbourne, Australia

I was a bit put off doing any study because of a bad experience with another online company. Justin has made this course easy to take in and made it interesting from start to finish. I could not wait to start the next module of the course to see what I was going to learn next. I have learned so much about how the body works and how it can break down easily and how simple it can come back together again through some simple exercises and getting the body to work as 1 unit. Amazing.

Duncan L.

Everything about this course is awesome. I am certified as a personal trainer / Health coach and Pilates instructor. This course covers everything for anyone who is in the fitness field…Very well done. I highly recommend this for Pilates instructors as we do the postural assessment with clients at the beginning of their program. Muscular imbalances are huge for the Pilates work. I agree too with Personal Training, but more so for Pilates. I enjoyed the Health coaching tips a great personal touch and building rapport. Plus you were so awesome for e-mailing when I had questions. I am a visual learner so I loved the videos as well….I would not change anything about this course– AWESOME…I could not put it down–I was excited to see what came next. And its one of the best courses I have taken! Thanks for sharing your knowledge for all of us to learn…Love it!! And will enjoy applying it.

Connie BeingessnerTBMM Corrective Exercise Specialist

I just completed the Corrective Exercise Specialist certification. It is an excellent course that presents complicated information in a format that makes it easy to understand. I have already started using the information I learned. Every personal trainer should take a corrective exercise class to better serve their clients.

Dan GreensteinBaltimore

I’ve just completed The BioMechanics Method certification and I’d have to say that it’s one of the best programs that I’ve been through. I sought out the corrective exercise path after struggling with clients that just didn’t move well or were limited by their aches/pains sometimes resulting in cancelled sessions. The TBMM material is comprehensive and structured well. I found it informative and easy to apply to real-world situations. I am thankful that this topic has been addressed in a way that will allow me to help my existing clients but also to help those that have not been able to exercise due to their limitations. As a trainer, if you’ve encountered the same problems that I have, this is the program for you.

Gene SzpiechOxford, MIBody Engineerz Fitness

The knowledge that I have gained by engaging in The BioMechanics Method course is invaluable to my Health Coaching practice. I found the materials to be organized in such a way that made learning fun and comprehensible. The in-depth and step-by-step manner in which the course is organized allows for the techniques to be incorporated into any program from the very beginning; not only with clients, but also has assisted me in correcting my own imbalances. The BioMechanics Method is a very good investment. I highly recommend this course.

Brenda BilekMesa, AZ

I am so glad I discovered this revolutionary system that will help so many people improve or regain their health. I loved learning each module. It is the best online course I have ever done. It is so professionally presented and easy to understand yet extremely thorough. Well done.

Rhonda CollinsQueensland, Australia

The BioMechanics Method is a well thought out and extremely structured education and training program. It takes anatomy and principles of muscle movement and puts it in an easy to understand format. I feel as if I finally have a complete grasp of muscles and their real life movements and how they really function as the body moves. This has helped me immensely in training my clients and helping to correct imbalances they may have. Having this certification has made me more knowledgeable, and has increased my personal training business.

Tia StanleyCESCharleston, SC