Corrective Exercise Education

Success Stories and Testimonials

The BioMechanics Method® has helped thousands of people around the world find relief from chronic pain and injuries. This remarkable program has been used by personal trainers, fitness instructors, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and many other allied heath professionals to help clients decrease pain, improve movement and function, and avoid unnecessary medical procedures.

Watch the video and read the testimonials below to see how actual clients, students, and industry professionals have benefited from The BioMechanics Method.

What CLIENTS have to say…

“The BioMechanics Method helped me overcome the tendonitis in my shoulder. Their work helped me get back on the tennis court and start playing competitively again”. – Shawn H.

“I had tried medications, chiropractors, various doctors including an orthopedic sugeon to no avail. Since working with The BioMechanics Method through stretches, strengthening exercises and relearning how to correctly move my body I am now pain free and have even begun new interests such as boxing.” – Desiree B.

“Approaching almost seventy years of age I had back, elbow and shoulder pain. The BioMechanics Method helped alleviate these pains and enabled me to move like I did thirty years ago.” Fritz – San Diego

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“The BioMechanics Method explains the complex topics of assessments, functional anatomy and corrective exercise in a straight-forward, jargon free manner. I recommend this program to anyone wanting to help their patients, clients, or athletes overcome muscle pain and movement dysfunction.” – Bill Sonnemaker, MS, Master Trainer for IDEA, ViPR, Trigger Point, Redcord, PTA Global, NASM, ACE, NSCA, ACSM, and CanFitPro
“The techniques and protocols for identifying the causes of musculoskeletal pain are simple, logical and easy-to-follow, and will undoubtedly prove invaluable to expanding the fitness professionals toolbox.” Fabio Comana, MS – former Exercise Physiologist for the American Council on Exercise

“The BioMechanics Method is invaluable for anyone wanting to help people reduce their pain and improve their function.” Douglas Stewart – PhD in Biomechanics and former Director of Research for Reebok

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What TBMM Students have to say…

“The DVDs and the manuals are very powerful when taken together and the different modules take us forward one step at a time – beautiful!” Nea – Germantown, MD

“I found this course to be the best I have ever taken and definitely what I was looking for.”

“It was easy to understand, informative & most importantly it worked! I am pain free & have already helped many clients to overcome & take control of their own malalignment issues. Word is spreading like wildfire! This is definitely a course that will revolutionize the way that you train clients & increase your business!”

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