Corrective Exercise Education

Student Quotes

“This course is wonderful! It deals with a very complex subject and makes it easy to understand and empowered me to help people in pain.”

“What I liked most about the course information was the common sense approach. Very straight-forward and understandable.”

“I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed the course. I know that this information will change the lives of many of my clients as well as my own. Thank you for simplifying the material so that it is easy to understand and implement.” – Kathy R.

“In the short time that I have been experimenting with my new knowledge I’ve been amazed at the responses I am getting. People tell me, ‘You are more knowledgeable and have been more helpful than both my physician or chiropractor.’ Others have told me they have tried everything from physical therapists, acupuncture and corrective shoes, but for the first time, with The BioMechanics Method exercises, they are finally getting relief from their pain. How wonderful is that!!”

“This course has helped me understand how I can be effective in helping clients relieve their pain.”

“I really appreciated how The BioMechanics Method outlined the steps I need to follow and used specific real life examples to help me understand the process.”

“It was easy to understand, informative & most importantly it worked! I am pain free & have already helped many clients to overcome & take control of their own malalignment issues. Word is spreading like wildfire! This is definitely a course that will revolutionize the way that you train clients & increase your business!”

“With 15 years in the business, countless certifications and a degree in Exercise Science, I can honestly say that I have never wanted to re-invent how I do my business as much as I do now. Justin has a simple but very complete method of teaching The Biomechanics Method. Unlike many certifications, no time is wasted. He gets to the point and makes education very practical. This course gave me new perspective and confidence. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow in the fitness industry.” – Jeremy McCann

“I will definitely be promoting this program to fellow trainers. I cannot imagine where I would be today without The BioMechanics Method. It has taught me so much!” Danielle – San Francisco

The TBMM-CES course has provided me with extensive knowledge that allows me to better assist my clients in functional movement AND athletic performance enhancement. As an Olympic Weightlifter, it has helped me tighten up my positions for both the Snatch and C&J, adding 6kg to each! My runners run more efficiently, my basketball players jump higher, and my senior clients aren’t complaining of “aches and pains” anymore! This is knowledge that EVERY trainer should have. Thanks a lot TBMM! – Sean Cristea, CES

“This is a fantastic course! Step-by-step learning of a very powerful method for helping people correct structural deviations.”

“I found this course to be the best I have ever taken and definitely what I was looking for.”

“The course materials are very powerful when taken together, and the different modules take us forward one step at a time – beautiful!” Nea – Germantown, MD

“Taking The BioMechanics Method course has been the best thing that I have done in years both for myself and my clients. It’s incredible to be able to alleviate many common pains and help people to move better so that they can do the things they enjoy.”

“I am doing amazing work using The BioMechanics Method. It has changed my professional life forever.”

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