The BioMechanics Method creator (Justin Price) recently authored a special report for IDEA Health and Fitness Association (IDEA) on the risks of functional training. The report is full of useful information to help safeguard you and your clients from injury and improve performance when engaged in functional training activities.

In the report:IDEA Special Report

  • Learn about functional training biomechanics
  • Gain skills in identifying musculoskeletal imbalances that might put you and your clients at risk during functional training
  • Discover corrective exercises to lessen the chance for injury during functional training
  • Find out how to improve your functional training performance

Understanding the biomechanics of functional training and how to assess and correct any muscle and movement dysfunction will help you enjoy high intensity functional training for years to come.

To access the full report Click Here.

Disclaimer: This report is copyrighted by IDEA Health and Fitness Association.