The BioMechanics Method Specialist Spotlight

As the creator of The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise programs, I am honored to have played a part in helping educate many talented corrective exercise specialists. Each and every one of them makes substantial differences in people’s lives through their unique ability to alleviate joint and muscle pain. Today I would like to share with you the story of TBMM Advanced Corrective Exercise Specialist Eva Wennes. Eva’s dedication and commitment to developing her skills as a corrective exercise practitioner has transformed the lives of many – including her own.

In 2011, Eva was running a Pilates studio in San Diego, California. Eva blog photo During the course of her work, she started to realize that many of her clients had aches and pains that weren’t being alleviated with Pilates alone. In an effort to provide a better service to her clients, she began referring her most problematic clients to me for help. Eva was intrigued by how much pain relief her clients experienced with my methods, so she decided to see if I could help her with her own chronic back and neck pain issues. After working together for a series of sessions, we were successful at eliminating her pain. Then a light bulb went off! Eva realized that if she learned the techniques I had been using with her, she could incorporate them into her own business and stop referring clients out for pain-relief services.

After completing The Biomechanics Method Level 1 CES program, Eva implemented the strategies she learned into her business and immediately her clients started experiencing the benefits. “The course made sense straight away.” said Eva. “It was taught in a way that was easy for me to pass on to my clients and I no longer felt like I had to refer them to other health professionals when they came in with pain”. As her reputation as a corrective exercise specialist grew, Eva started receiving more referrals and requests to help people with more complex musculoskeletal issues.

At that point, she decided to earn an Advanced CES credential through The BioMechanics Method. Eva recalls, “My clients began trusting me more. I felt I had tightened the screws on my business and now had the confidence to brand myself as an advanced corrective exercise specialist and really promote my specialty skills. I even began trusting myself more, as I never really felt confident I could help people with their different pain issues after completing my Pilates training. However, after completing The Biomechanics Method, I had system that actually worked”.

Bolstered by her newfound area of expertise, Eva decided to refine her business skills with the help of The Biomechanics Method Business Professional course. In addition to building the confidence she desired when talking about her business and skills to prospective clients, Eva says she was able to realize all of her new business objectives. “I was able to create a very polished business, raise my rates by up to 80%, and position myself as a highly sought-after corrective exercise specialist.”

When I caught up with Eva recently, she shared a couple of client success stories that are nothing short of astonishing.

Conquering Mt. Everest
Alan was 65-years old when he initially came to see Eva for help dealing with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. He was experiencing muscle tremors, loss of strength and control over the left side of his body, plantar fasciitis (foot pain), knee, and back pain. Despite his own challenges, Alan had set a goal to climb Mount Everest in an effort to raise money for Parkinson’s research. A daunting task for even the most able-bodied person, Eva still felt confident she could help Alan achieve this goal. After assessing him, she recommended an extensive program of self-myofascial release exercises to keep his body mobile and prevent his muscles from “freezing up” (a typical symptom of Parkinson’s disease) when he did the climb. Alan found his corrective exercise regimen so effective that he took his massage tools (and even a small foam roller) with him to Nepal and used them as he completed his climb of Everest!

Dreaming of Home
At 74 years of age, Mary was morbidly obese and suffering from chronic pain. The constant pain in her knees made her feel unstable on her feet and she found it difficult to walk. She was taking multiple medications to help her cope with the pain, but wanted to be able to have a more active life. When she first began working with Eva, Mary confided that she wanted to be able to visit her homeland of Italy once more, but was too worried about walking on the cobblestone streets with her friends and family to do so. Within a short time of commencing her corrective exercise program with Eva, Mary was able to get off her pain medications completely and begin a walking program. To date, she has lost 30 pounds and has tested out her travel readiness with a trip to Hawaii. She has also begun making plans for her trip back to Italy!

Remarkable success stories like these are a direct result of the skills, passion, and dedication to helping others that are characteristic of TBMM Specialists like Eva Wennes. If you would like to contact Eva for help with your own aches and pains, or with questions about her experience with The BioMechanics Method she can be reached at: or through her website at Keep up the great work, Eva!

I would also like to say thank you to all of our TBMM Specialists for everything you do to help people all over the world overcome their pain and realize their dreams. If you would like us to share your success stories with The BioMechanics Method, please contact us at